Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Opa

Last weekend my Grandpa, who has been battling cancer for years, was admitted into the hospital. He was experiencing chest pain and general discomfort and wasn't eating.

On Tuesday evening my dad and I went to visit and after seeing him, I knew this was the end. There was still some talk of him bouncing back and going home, but in my heart, I felt that this would be my last visit with Grandpa.

We sat in the dark room and he struggled to keep his eyes open and answer our questions. I held his hand and told him about my weekend away and funny stories of Cohen and Claire. I thanked him for helping us find our new home, because if it wasn't for him, we never would have. He spoke of the "Derksen line" and encouraged me to have more babies to carry on the Derksen name. My dad and I smiled at one another, knowing the medication was affecting his communication, but the heart of what he was saying was there. What he was really talking about was his legacy.

And what a rich legacy he leaves. My Grandpa loved Jesus more than life itself and passed that faith on to his 5 children and their spouses, 17 grandchildren and 4 great grand children. Though our family is far from perfect, we all love each other and love God. I know the daily prayers of my Grandma and Grandpa and the choices they've made, have given us a firm foundation of faith. For this I will be eternally grateful, knowing that my children too will benefit from this heritage. 

Grandpa, your love for God, your family, your profession (a medical doctor and surgeon), the great outdoors, and organizing nails and screws in small glass jars - all of it inspires me to live my life with passion and persistance.  

You have won the race, you have accomplished the goal and now you get your prize - heaven, Jesus, and eternal glory. We love and miss you already. 

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  1. oh heather... i am so so sorry!
    he was such a great man.
    i told my mom that he had passed and she was heartbroken.
    he was our family doctor for years and years...
    he helped deliver myself and my brother and sister.
    i have wonderful memories of visiting his office in the medical arts building.
    such a gentle spirit... the Lord's love shining through him.
    he leaves a wonderful legacy in your family.
    you are blessed!
    many, many sympathies to you and your family during this difficult time.


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