Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Day of Crazy

I might be a total nutball, but I've decided to take The Nester's #31 day challenge. Basically I've committed to writing every day in October, even though I likely won't have time to shower every day in October. 

But I went to The Influence Conference this past weekend (which was amazing, btw) and came home with a mission. A mission to find my voice as a writer.

I like writing, but what I really love is speaking (which is just a fancy word for talking). When I speak, I feel 100% like myself. Honest, raw, genuine. But when I write, I feel stiff, overly polished and not quite like myself.

So what better way to find my voice than commit to writing every day for a month, on a topic I love: Hearing God's Voice. Because the topic relates a lot to what I speak about, I've decided to post it on my speaking website blog which you can find HERE

Is anyone else doing the #31 days? If so, lemme know so we can be cray cray together! 

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  1. Me too!! I have already decided that I am WAY in over my head and SO glad that I've challenged myself :D


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