Saturday, September 21, 2013

Home Tour Part 2: The Family Room

This room is a sweet little gem added on to the back of the house. It's a great place to watch tv, play with the babies, or just curl up with a good book (as if I ever read anymore!). With big windows, views of the back yard, and a brick fireplace, it's quickly becoming our favourite space. Here are the before photos.

 And here are the after photos.

 The biggest changes we made to this space were new hardwood floors, painting the walls and taking down the old window coverings. I also spent a fair bit of time scrubbing the stains from the fireplace brick and still plan to paint the inside of the fire place black (it's not funcitonal right now). I'd also like to put a bit more thought into how to decorate the mantle. Any ideas??


  1. I just want to curl up on your sectional with a good book!

  2. Looks great! If you come up with any fun mantle ideas, let me know. I'm dumbfounded when it comes to styling my own. Pinterest!!

    1. I've found a few ideas. I'm gonna do a post about it actually!

  3. Oh I love this room! The fireplace is so neat, and those windows! Gorgeous!

  4. Your couch in that sunny corner is divine. And I have a skinny minny mantle too. So hard to decorate!


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