Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 15: Let Him Love Ya

So last night my blog disappeared. Yup, I wrote in my blog address (my other blog www.heatherboersma.com/blog) and all that came up - a blank page. Oh, good glory - just when I'm getting into the swing of things with my 31 days of blogging in October. So I did what any girl would do, asked my husband to fix it, cried when he couldn't, and took a hot shower.

Needless to say, I'm discouraged. I don't feel like writing. I'm sitting here in my pajamas with hair still wet from the shower, thinking about ice cream. And in this moment, I'm not going to try and inspire you to hear from God but I do wanna say this.

When all else fails, just let Him love you.

Don't worry about how to pray, how to listen, how to deal with the silence.

Just let Him love you.

He loves you. He really loves you.

Now I'm gonna go and do just that.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Opa

Last weekend my Grandpa, who has been battling cancer for years, was admitted into the hospital. He was experiencing chest pain and general discomfort and wasn't eating.

On Tuesday evening my dad and I went to visit and after seeing him, I knew this was the end. There was still some talk of him bouncing back and going home, but in my heart, I felt that this would be my last visit with Grandpa.

We sat in the dark room and he struggled to keep his eyes open and answer our questions. I held his hand and told him about my weekend away and funny stories of Cohen and Claire. I thanked him for helping us find our new home, because if it wasn't for him, we never would have. He spoke of the "Derksen line" and encouraged me to have more babies to carry on the Derksen name. My dad and I smiled at one another, knowing the medication was affecting his communication, but the heart of what he was saying was there. What he was really talking about was his legacy.

And what a rich legacy he leaves. My Grandpa loved Jesus more than life itself and passed that faith on to his 5 children and their spouses, 17 grandchildren and 4 great grand children. Though our family is far from perfect, we all love each other and love God. I know the daily prayers of my Grandma and Grandpa and the choices they've made, have given us a firm foundation of faith. For this I will be eternally grateful, knowing that my children too will benefit from this heritage. 

Grandpa, your love for God, your family, your profession (a medical doctor and surgeon), the great outdoors, and organizing nails and screws in small glass jars - all of it inspires me to live my life with passion and persistance.  

You have won the race, you have accomplished the goal and now you get your prize - heaven, Jesus, and eternal glory. We love and miss you already. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

6 months

I know I just posted Claire's 5+ months photos a few days ago, but guess what? She's 6 months as of yesterday! And the only thing I have to report is that she's been sick. A cough and now a runny nose for the last two and a half weeks. 

But despite being sick, she still smiles easily, loves catching people's eye and brings joy whereever she goes. I feel so blessed to be raising this sweet girl and hope she will continue to shine the light and love of Jesus whereever she goes. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Day of Crazy

I might be a total nutball, but I've decided to take The Nester's #31 day challenge. Basically I've committed to writing every day in October, even though I likely won't have time to shower every day in October. 

But I went to The Influence Conference this past weekend (which was amazing, btw) and came home with a mission. A mission to find my voice as a writer.

I like writing, but what I really love is speaking (which is just a fancy word for talking). When I speak, I feel 100% like myself. Honest, raw, genuine. But when I write, I feel stiff, overly polished and not quite like myself.

So what better way to find my voice than commit to writing every day for a month, on a topic I love: Hearing God's Voice. Because the topic relates a lot to what I speak about, I've decided to post it on my speaking website blog which you can find HERE

Is anyone else doing the #31 days? If so, lemme know so we can be cray cray together! 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Home Tour Part 2: The Family Room

This room is a sweet little gem added on to the back of the house. It's a great place to watch tv, play with the babies, or just curl up with a good book (as if I ever read anymore!). With big windows, views of the back yard, and a brick fireplace, it's quickly becoming our favourite space. Here are the before photos.

 And here are the after photos.

 The biggest changes we made to this space were new hardwood floors, painting the walls and taking down the old window coverings. I also spent a fair bit of time scrubbing the stains from the fireplace brick and still plan to paint the inside of the fire place black (it's not funcitonal right now). I'd also like to put a bit more thought into how to decorate the mantle. Any ideas??

Friday, September 20, 2013

5+ months

Though you wouldn't be able to tell from the photo, this little sweetie has come down with her first cold. A few nights ago she woke up coughing and got so worked up she was gagging and even made herself spit up. But the thing about Claire is that even when she doesn't feel 100%, she still tries to be happy. She is easy to smile and laugh, and is often trying to catch a strangers' eye, just to give them one of her gummy grins.

We've tried giving her some rice cereal and pureed bananas, but she has NO idea what to do with them.  I put it in her mouth and she automatically sticks her tongue out and starts chewing on it. But she sure enjoys trying. 

Claire has also been figuring out how to sit up. She definitely needs to be watched, or completely surrounded by pillows, but the girl has some serious core strength. And now when we lay her down on her back, so almost automatically rolls onto her tummy and starts squirming and rotating in a circle.

I've been trying to read books to her because Cohen loved books at this age, but all she wants to do is stick them in her mouth and chew the living day lights out of them. She also isn't too interested in sitting in the exisaucer , but LOVES the jolly jumper. Anything where she can be moving and grooving is her shtick.

She's still getting up about twice a night to eat, but is down to 3 naps a day. The afternoon nap is even getting a bit longer and sometimes she sleeps at the same time as Cohen. It's rare, but when it happens I feel like I've won the lottery. 

Doesn't she look like a teenager in this top right photo?  Sheesh girl, slow down. 

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